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Rounding out a great semester, the brothers of Delta Kappa Phi, with the added effort of many of our rushes, were able to go undefeated through the regular season and playoffs to secure the soccer league championship this year.

Brothers who played throughout the season included Brothers Younker, Fuller, Hannon, Keough, Neno, Liston, Aruda, Cavanaugh, Guy, McGeehan. Rushes included Pat Morrisey, Carl Peterson, and Matt Pratt all of whom were integral in our success. Special mention goes to Brother Cavanaugh on being our leading scorer, Brother Keough being our iron wall on defense, and Brother Younker on goal for being a gentleman and allowing women to score on him.

The championship game marked the first time this season the Dekes were behind in score, as well as the largest deficit we had to overcome, potentially due to injuries at goalie(Brother Younker injured his heel at Relay for Life the day prior). With a score of 1-3 going into halftime, the team had to dig deep and Brother Neno gave an inspirational speech which brought forth the full energy of the team for the second half. The final score was 5-3, with a 4-0 second half.

Everyone had a great time throughout the season playing and supporting from the sidelines, and many brothers who did not play on the team came out to support, as well as many other greek organizations, such as Kappa Delta Phi NAS Kappa Upsilon chapter. We look forward to defending the title next spring and continuing to participate in intramural sports in general.