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Church Photo

Though not directly mentioned in the Lowell Sun’s October 6th article, Brothers of Delta Kappa Phi showed up in force to assist in the unloading of nearly 2,500 pumpkins at the Pawtucket Congregational Church on October 3rd. “These guys are awesome” said Ruth Richards, pastor of the congregational church, as the brothers were hard at work moving the soon to be sold pumpkins from the trucks to the lawn.

DK wasn’t the only Greek organization to show our support of the community at the church. Some members of Sigma Tau Gamma (Sig Tau) and Sigma Phi Omicron (Sig O) came and lent a hand as well to show the solidarity of the Greek community and cooperation between houses.

The effort was largely driven by Brother Sean Woodbury, the brotherhood’s Community Service Organizer (CSO), who was elated to be able to give back and help a local church with their annual fundraiser. On the event he had this to say, “I’m glad we could provide this service to our community. The fact that we unload roughly 2,500 pumpkins in order to help the church and our fellow Pawtucketville residences really shows the character of our brothers.” Moving forward the Brothers of Delta Kappa Phi will continue to look for additional ways to give back to the city of Lowell and UMass Lowell. Keep up the good work Brothers!