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The annual UMass Lowell Greek Olympics were held on Sunday, April 6th, with Delta Kappa Phi participating fervently. The day was filled with several athletic events, and the Fraternity had a team of brothers competing in each event.

We started powerfully, completing the relay in 2nd place, thanks to Brothers Andrew Guy (Proconsul) B1593, Yang Zeng B1604, and Robin Calderon B1606. Later in the day, we also proudly took first place in Greek Golf. This feat was accomplished by Brothers Nour Lotfi (Social) B1591 and Warren Johnson B1599.

A favorite event every year is the chariot race. Our chariot this year was built by Brothers Helio Neno B1584, Mark Aruda B1595, and Brendan Keough B1605. Our shield dawned on the front of the vehicle was hand-drawn by Brother Helio Neno B1584, complimenting the purple coat put on by Brother Mark Aruda, B1595. The Chariot was piloted by Brothers Seth McGeehan (Consul) B1594, Mark Andrews B1600, and Yang Zeng B1604.

As always, the Brotherhood was proud to show enthusiasm in this festival of athleticism and inter-greek relations. Congratulations to the Brothers who competed this year, and we look forward to next year’s Greek Olympics.1382407_10152081757284436_3368817860375341428_n 1512857_10152081756909436_6805197715134453166_n 10253917_10152081738579436_2806325312396975418_n 10150733_10152081738489436_5784678884562650130_n 1493188_10152081738139436_8415698313267229192_n 1557441_10152081734089436_3029521789849945492_n 10247441_10152081733679436_784605006980818245_n

Delta Kappa Phi takes great pride in helping the community; the Fraternity views giving back to the community to be a reward in itself. On March 16th, several of our active members volunteered five hours of their time to visit Salem High School to help cook and serve food the a local Special Olympics taking place that day. Brother Maxwell Lane B1597 broke ground by setting up shop, working hard and setting the example all brothers strive for by demonstrating his devotion to philanthropy through service. When asked about the event Maxwell had this to say; “It was great giving back to the community for a day. The brothers who attended had a great time and we hope to get another opportunity to do this again”.

All of the brothers that attended this event left with a great feeling of elation, as many participants in the day’s events approached them to give thanks for participating. Our active participation was appreciated by many, as was our food. In typical Delta Kappa Phi Fashion, we instilled our intentions for community service. We had a great time and were happy to support those with mental disabilities competing athletically.

The Fraternity is always interested in helping out members of its community. We look forward to more opportunities to participate in the community which has been so good to us for so many years.