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Community service has always been held to the highest standard by the brothers of Delta Kappa Phi. Our current community service organizer, Brother Marty Tierney, has truly taken this ideal to heart. Recently, Brother Tierney organized a community service project that 12 brothers were able to take part in. The project consisted of assisting U-TEC, a youth outreach program in Lowell, at their mattress warehouse in Lawrence. The purpose of the project was to strip down the mattresses, so that the cotton and metal frames inside of them could effectively be recycled. The proceeds assisted U-TEC in their youth outreach programs. U-TEC was extremely grateful for the help. It was truly a rewarding experience for all those involved. It was a pleasure working with U-TEC, they were very professional, and we are looking forward to assisting them in the future. Giving back to our community is something that we as a brotherhood hold dear. We look forward to helping out U-TEC, and our local community, as much as possible in the foreseeable future.