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On Saturday November 8 2014, six brothers participated in the first St. Jude’s Up Till Dawn event at Umass Lowell. The event consisted of staying up from 12:00 am to 6:00 am and participating in various activities to earn points towards the team. The first event was an egg drop where the team had a minor setback were the first egg the team received broke during the design process. The final design was unsuccessful and broke on the first drop. Looking for a comeback, brothers went all out on the second event which was a fashion show. Brother James Day was the model for this event and the brothers dressed him up in duct tape and saran wrap. The final result can be seen in the pictures attached. The final challenge was an obstacle course which the whole team participated in. Even though the team did not come in first for the points earned during the event, the brothers raised $1,162 which is the third highest raised for the event. Brother Mark Aruda commented, “It was really amazing to be part of an event this big, especially because it was the first time here at Umass Lowell, it really showed how the UML community can come together and raise a lot of money for a great cause.” A special thanks to everyone that donated for this great event and thanks to the brothers Mark Aruda, James Day, Bill Liston, Daniel Sartorius, Martin Tierney, and Sean Woodbury for participating. Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps find cures and save children who have cancer and other diseases, free of charge for the children that are admitted. Umass Lowell’s Up Till Dawn event raised $16,073 which is very successful for its first time being on campus.UTD UTD james

Kickball Blog
As the semester has progressed, brothers bogged down by school work were given a chance to have some fun by tackling the kickball tournament. On October 15th, brothers headed down to the Community Rec Center, and participated in the intramural 9v9 kickball tournament. Delta Kappa Phi had a great showing consisting of over 10 brothers and rushes. Most notably, was our pitcher, Brother Warren Johnson, whose kickball expertise advanced us further into the tournament. Defensively, Brother Seth McGeehan was easily our most clutch outfielder. With several inning clinching catches, fast pitches, and home runs to boot, Seth and Warren’s performance outshone the competition as we advanced to the final game of the tournament. Unfortunately, we fell short in the final game and the Dekes were awarded second place. However this did not stop us from celebrating our glorious run in the kickball tournament. Brother Matthew Wiseman was a participant in the tournament, he said “It was an undeniably tough loss in the final game, but we had a lot of fun in the tournament and showed some presence on campus. We’ll be ready next year.” Brothers of Delta Kappa Phi are currently participating in intramural soccer, street hockey, and basketball. The Dekes are looking forward to participating in the tournament next year, as well as other intramural sports, as the year progresses.