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Salutations Brothers and others!


We have a healthy appetite for knowledge, and we’re sure you all do too! In case you were wondering or unaware, Delta Kappa Phi has new leadership!

First up, we have our new Consul, Patrick Muldoon B1598. A Criminal Justice Major and fitness enthusiast,
Pro-Consul Mark Andrews B1600, a Business Major and lover of Intramural Sports,
Custodian Robin Calderon B1606, a Finances Major and fitness enthusiast,
Annotator Noel Smith, B1608, a Criminal Justice Major and avid conversationalist,
Scribe Stan Dancewicz, B1607, an Accounting Major and music enthusiast, plays the cello,
Sergeant-At-Arms Maxwell Lane B1597, a Mathematics Major and lover of Harry Potter and Huskies


These fine young men were recently elected to their office, and have so far been tackling everything thrown at them with enthusiasm and excitement. While all fairly new brothers, we couldn’t ask for a stronger Policy Committee to lead the Brotherhood forward into the uncharted waters of tomorrow.

Until next post!

James Day B1583
John Allen B1612