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On Saturday, February 6th, some Brothers from DK went down to Pawtucket Congregational Church to help out with their monthly soup kitchen they hold. Brothers helped prepare the grilled sandwiches, serve soup, and pour beverages for the church’s guests.

Brother Scribe Max Lane had the following to say: “It is necessary for brothers to attend multiple community service events. The soup kitchen is one of the numerous ways Delta Kappa Phi cares for it’s community.”

I was also there, and I have to say that the whole experience was very enjoyable, from setting up for the day, to having great conversations with the people who came. The whole event happened in large thanks to Brother Dan Sartorius B1603, who helped coordinate with the church staff ever so well. Moving forward, the Brothers of Delta Kappa Phi will continue to support local charitable organizations, and reaching more people in need.


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