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image9 (4) Delta Kappa Phi prides itself on always being involved in sports on campus at UML. We are currently playing intramural soccer and floor hockey. Playoffs for soccer start this Sunday so we’re all looking forward to that.

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Dk Ski Trip

As the school workload begins to pick back up since spring break, many brothers are looking back to the short but sweet vacation they had. Here’s a look back at what some of the brothers were up too.

Brothers Leo Joas, Kellen Jordan, and Matt Grassett had a blast up at Crotched Mountain. Pictured above is Brother Leo Joas enjoying the view.

Dk Punta Cana trip

Brothers Mark Andrews, Dan Cavanaugh, and Mark Aruda headed to warmer weather on the sandy beaches of Punta, Cana in the Domincan Republic. (Dan Cavanaugh – 2nd from the left, Mark Aruda-Back, Mark Andrews – Far right)

Credit: Mark Aruda

DK Study

Brothers Scott Thompson, T.J. Preston, Kellen Jordan, Mykhel Walker, and Hayden Muldoon during a group study at the library. (From left to right)

  Brothers have been working hard this semester and have gotten right back into the swing of things, embodying the work hard, play hard mentality that every Deke has. With only a few weeks left in the semester Brothers are hitting the books, so that they will be able to fully enjoy their summer.

Credit: Mark Aruda

Kellen Jordan Our brother of the month for April is Kellen Jordan. Kellen is a relatively new member of Delta Kappa Phi. Kellen is currently majoring in Electric Engineering. For sports, he enjoys skiing. During the summer Kellen is a Bio Robotics intern at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA. Lastly, during his free time he likes to play the guitar. Kellen works hard everyday to better himself as a student at Umass Lowell and a brother of Delta Kappa Phi.