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Not sure about rushing Delta Kappa Phi? Read this.

delta_kappa_phiStarting off at college as a freshmen I was a very quiet kid with a small group of friends. On top of that I didn’t have many responsibilities and or something I could feel a-part of. I was okay at most sports but not good enough to be on any UML teams. Basically I wanted to find something I could fit in with and meet new friends while doing it. That’s where Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity “The Big Red House” came in, located on 9 Mount Hope st. in Lowell (A 5 min walk from East Campus). Being a brother only a year now I’ve become close with genuinely great people and on top of that learned how to embody the “work hard play hard” mentality. Delta Kappa phi has changed my life in so many positive ways thus far as a Umass Lowell student. I look forward to the endless great memories and learning experiences that I will gain from this fraternity.


Please, if you’re interested in joining Delta Kappa Phi Fraternity contact our rush chairman Ethan Cohodas:


And if you want to just ask me some questions about my experiences at DK or any other questions you may have feel free to email me at:


Have a great school year,


-Tyler Battaglia

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  1. BELATED WELCOME BROTHER! “Crazy Joe” (B1135)

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