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Intramurale08943cd-f58a-4ffb-b8bb-85721d859823-6032-000002aa64e1fbcdl sports are in full swing at Delta Kappa Phi:

The Intramural DK Soccer team is now 1-1 after a 5-2 win last night at Mahoney hall.

The Intramural DK hockey team is also underway as well.

On top of that DK is looking forward to the UML dodge ball tournament coming up soon.

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Brother of the Month November Our Brother for the month of November is Brian Bowers.

He is currently majoring in Criminal Justice and is working as a public safety officer for a hospital. For sports, he used to run track, play baseball and croquet and is currently involved in many inter-murals on campus.

For special activities he likes playing video games and air-soft.

Brian puts in a-lot of effort ever-day to make DK great, Thank you!