About Us

Winter Class: 2017Delta Kappa Phi, established in 1899, is the oldest textile fraternity in America. The purposes of the fraternity are: the promotion and encouragement of a fraternal relationship among its members; the furtherance of social enjoyment among its members; and the advancement of the interests of its members in acquiring a thorough education in engineering, the sciences, or the liberal arts.

The purposes of our fraternity are numerous. For the University, Delta Kappa Phi is a service organization. We hope to continually strive to advance the aims and interests of the University thru various charitable works, engaging in a wide variety of activities and athletics, as well as providing social options for students.

For the Brothers, we try to inspire high scholastic achievements and strong personal ideals. The Fraternity encourages participation in all school activities; clubs, government, athletic and others. We truly believe in well-rounded character development. The Brotherhood ideals, both social and professional, form lifelong bonds.



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