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As the oldest and leading fraternity we have a huge alumni community that wields a strong influence over our fraternity. Since our beginning over 1,500 members have been inducted into Delta Kappa Phi and passed into the ranks of our alumni.

The 2012 Alumni Hockey Reunion @ Tsongas Center

The 2012 Alumni Hockey Reunion @ Tsongas Center

As active members of Delta Kappa Phi, most of us are quite young, typically in our early twenties. The vast majority of us have no experience in owning property, having city licenses, making major repairs, running a corporation, and running the finances of such an organization. Yet we do all of those things here.

One of our greatest strengths, our alumni are as varied in skills, life experience, and careers as any group could be. And when the fraternity needs assistance, the alumni have always been there.

Within our alumnus ranks we have everything from carpenters, electricians, pilots (we’ve never had much need from the pilots but bless ‘em anyway), CEO’s, engineers, financial wizards, lawyers, you name it, we’ve got some!

Over the years the alumni have provided guidance, advice, financial support, legal advice, and again, the list goes on and on. In many ways, like an extended family, our relationships with our alumni vary from friends, to older brothers to parental in guidance and assistance.

Brother Barry Perry and family at the ceremony where the Engineering Building was renamed Perry Hall!

Brother Barry Perry and family at the ceremony where the Engineering Building was renamed Perry Hall!

One of the biggest benefits of joining Delta Kappa Phi is that you eventually pass into these ranks. It is then that many of the benefits of brotherhood only begin to show. You find you don’t just have college friends, you have lifelong friends and that the closeness found when you were active doesn’t stop… it grows.

The Dekes Alumni host their own events, to which we’re welcome and encouraged to participate, including the annuals; the Hockey Game Reunions in the Luxury Suite at the Tsongas Center, the Lo-Kai Chinese Food Massacre, Poker Night, the Spring Cookout and more!

We’re proud that Delta Kappa Phi alumni were among the leaders in convincing UMass Lowell to re-recognize the Greek System on campus.

Our alumni have their own organization; the new Dekes Charitable Foundation, Incorporated. This organization is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charity that specializes in Scholarships. We have a Scholarship Fund at UMass Lowell that started in 2010 and grows significantly every year. In 2013 the alumni will give out the third annual scholarship.

Best of all, for them, when brothers become alumni they get to look back at us actives and tell us tall tales of “Back when the house was strong…“. It never ends!

The 2011 Lo-Kai Chinese Food Massacre

The 2011 Lo-Kai Chinese Food Massacre, photo by Tom Bezigian



  1. I would like to get in touch with brothers who were in Beta Chapter in 1965.

  2. I graduated from New Bedford Institute of Technology (Delta Chapter – I think) and would like to hear from some of my brother Dekes who have traveled far and wide from New Bedford MA. I am living in an assisted living community in Dartmouth MA, having suffered a slight stroke 3 years ago. still have my marbles, and, I know where I put them!!

  3. Hey Bill, This is the Lowell Chapter (Beta) We can try to hook you up with our contacts from Delta chapter, they went dark 35-40 years ago, so the info might be bad. Send your email address to:


    And we will try.

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