The Historic EH Barker House

The Delta Kappa Phi house at 9 Mt Hope Street was built ca. 1912-1913 and is known as the “E. H. Barker House” in Lowell Massachusetts: Historical Building Surveys. It has been accepted for inclusion in the Lowell Cultural Resources Inventory in 1980 in a paper by Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson and Abbott, “Mt. Hope Street, 9 – E. H. Barker House” (1980).

This early twentieth century vernacular residence owes its jutting roof and horizontal lines to the prairie houses of Frank Lloyd Wright. Otherwise a simple shingled house, it is approached by two magnificent sets of pink granite steps with early twentieth century ironwork railings.

The E.H. Barker House at 9 Mt Hope St, Lowell, Ma

The E.H. Barker House at 9 Mt Hope St, Lowell, Ma

Lowell Cultural Resources Inventory. Paper 731. Lowell: National Park Service.

Update: We’ve also found out that the original owner was a Professor @ Lowell Textile Institute!!  It’s even possible he was a brother, as he was the top textile professor and DK was then a textile fraternity!

From the 1932 Pickout…

Edgar H. Barker 
Professor in charge of the Department of Woolen and Worsted Yarns 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology LS96. 
Experience: E. Frank Lewis, Wool Scourer, Lawrence, and with Pacific Mills, Lawrence. 
Residence: 9 Mt. Hope St., Lowell, Mass.

The 1916 Pickout said of him...
Eddie Barker, instructor in wool, 
Is good at "throwing the bull". 
His mind is elastic, 
His tongue is sarcastic, 
And you cannot get by without pull.



  1. Hi
    My name is Kathy Collins and I wanted to give you some additional history on this house as I lived there ~1968-1970 with my mother/brother when my dad was deployed to Vietnam.

    My grandfather/grandmother resided at 9 Mt. Hope street from as early as 1942 (when my mother was born) to shortly before the time of sale to your fraternity. This was the St. Hilaire residence during these years, Edmor and Carmelle St. Hilaire from Quebec. Edmor was the owner of the St. Hilaire Gas company and had a business on Middlesex Road and a WWII veteran.

    I have many memories of this house – from the bomb shelter my grandfather built in the 50’s to the attic (which had bats) that was very intimidating to me as young child…

    Would there be a chance to visit the house at any point? If you are interested in pictures of the house during these years for your historical records/history, please let me know – my email is

  2. How cool is this message from Kathy Collins, an original St. Hilaire! Did anyone respond back to her? We should make her an honorary Sister!

    Brother Paul Gianes B1215

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