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Alumni Website Part III – We’re Working!

July 2015 Update:  After a long hiatus due to limited technical volunteers and serious other world issues for the webmaster, things are back on track, reinvigorated by the crisis, the reaction and some additional volunteers!

The secure login site for brothers and alumni will be placed on this page.

An announcement will be put out via email to all and also placed on the private facebook group.

Alumni Website – We still need more volunteers

July 2015 Update:  As we work to make the alumni website a team effort we still have lots of room for volunteers. The types of work needed as follows:

  • Technical: Anyone with web building skills, word press content management system experience, database experience.
  • Content Writers: Have one article in you that wants to get out? Have a whole bunch?  We can use virtually all people who want to contribute written info at any frequency from one to forever. No technical requirements at all.  Maybe the ninja story about the canal caper, the rock, signs, etc.
  • Data Entry: We need some brothers who can just enter info into the website, again, not technical, we can show you what needs doing.
  • Content Editors: Brothers who can write and solicit others to write about specific topics like what it was like in the 60’s, 70’s, etc..
  • Gallery Editor: Someone who can learn our content system and help organize our thousands of photos into logical photo galleries.  Done on a web application, moderate learning curve.
  • Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers; Write about Dekes experiences, life after school, etc.
  • Networking Editor: The site has an incredible ability to help brothers network. Older, want to mentor younger brothers, you can add that to your profile. Younger, need help looking for work? Put that on your profile!  We want to produce a Dekes Geo Map that shows where all the alumni (that opt-in) live.  There could be a brother living right down the street from another in some far off spot and you didn’t even know it!  So the Networking Editor will be responsible for coordinating this ability, communicating it to brothers, brainstorming for more networking ideas. Again, web application level, not difficult.
  • Graphics Editor; Someone who can produce great quality web images as needed by the team.
  • And more! Want to help but not sure where you’d fit? Drop us an email, include your phone number, we’ll call you back and discuss it. Email the

The Dekes PRIVATE Facebook Group

By the way, if you haven’t seen our private facebook group, it is here. You will need to be approved to the group as it is private. If you’re not on there yet, contact the main moderator; Alumni Brother Josh Landry and request to be included.

Are YOU on the Dekes mailing list?

To get brotherhood and alumni news and events notifications make sure you’re on the list.  The list has been ported to a secure mass email server controlled by Alumni who are very concerned about privacy. So no one gets these emails and nothing is ever done with these emails other than to email you updates. Email the

The Dekes LinkedIn Group

Brothers, are you on LinkedIn? If so, please join the Dekes LinkedIn Group started by Josh Landry. It’s a great way to do business networking with other brothers:


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