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Hello there!

Delta Kappa Phi Blogger here to write about a little bit of community service that our brothers have done. The Wish Project has a warehouse on Foundry St in Lowell that frequently gets donations from generous people nearby. However, they are always looking for help, and on January 9th some brothers from DK went over and helped move donations for them.



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Hello there!

Dekes Blogger here just letting you know what we’ve been up to in the community lately!

First up we have the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (U.N. GIFT). A number of our brothers generously donated several hours from April 13-17 raising Awareness, Education, and Empowerment in the fight against Human Trafficking. We’ve uploaded some pictures from the week-long event, held at University Crossing, University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Over the course of the week, we helped raise awareness to a number of statistics that were dumbfounding and shocking. At least 21 MILLION people are trafficked, as well as the shocking news that 68% of that trafficking is labor based. 6 MILLION children are forced into slavery due to human trafficking as well. I’m down-right appalled and shocked at all of this.

Over the course of the week, we also worked on getting a petition signed for Congress to pass a bill that helps protect the victims of trafficking instead of prosecuting and deporting them for illegal activities. I feel like we did a lot of good work over the course of the week,a nd hope we can stay involved in the fight against human trafficking in the future.

Following that up, we have the Relay for life. All teams raised over $32,000 for the American Cancer Society. Delta Kappa Phi had a strong showing at the Relay for life. We had over twenty brothers attend the event that cumulatively raised over $1,200. Brothers were actively participating in each of the activities that were available, and one team actually won the friendly dodgeball tournament that was held.


On Saturday November 8 2014, six brothers participated in the first St. Jude’s Up Till Dawn event at Umass Lowell. The event consisted of staying up from 12:00 am to 6:00 am and participating in various activities to earn points towards the team. The first event was an egg drop where the team had a minor setback were the first egg the team received broke during the design process. The final design was unsuccessful and broke on the first drop. Looking for a comeback, brothers went all out on the second event which was a fashion show. Brother James Day was the model for this event and the brothers dressed him up in duct tape and saran wrap. The final result can be seen in the pictures attached. The final challenge was an obstacle course which the whole team participated in. Even though the team did not come in first for the points earned during the event, the brothers raised $1,162 which is the third highest raised for the event. Brother Mark Aruda commented, “It was really amazing to be part of an event this big, especially because it was the first time here at Umass Lowell, it really showed how the UML community can come together and raise a lot of money for a great cause.” A special thanks to everyone that donated for this great event and thanks to the brothers Mark Aruda, James Day, Bill Liston, Daniel Sartorius, Martin Tierney, and Sean Woodbury for participating. Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps find cures and save children who have cancer and other diseases, free of charge for the children that are admitted. Umass Lowell’s Up Till Dawn event raised $16,073 which is very successful for its first time being on campus.UTD UTD james


Brothers, Rushes, Alumni, and Family of all, on November 24th Delta Kappa Phi is opening up its doors to you and welcoming you to celebrate the holidays with us. Come check out the house we call home and enjoy a warm atmosphere with a turkey dinner and football Sunday as we reflect on this semester and the good times had by all.


Rounding out a great semester, the brothers of Delta Kappa Phi, with the added effort of many of our rushes, were able to go undefeated through the regular season and playoffs to secure the soccer league championship this year.

Brothers who played throughout the season included Brothers Younker, Fuller, Hannon, Keough, Neno, Liston, Aruda, Cavanaugh, Guy, McGeehan. Rushes included Pat Morrisey, Carl Peterson, and Matt Pratt all of whom were integral in our success. Special mention goes to Brother Cavanaugh on being our leading scorer, Brother Keough being our iron wall on defense, and Brother Younker on goal for being a gentleman and allowing women to score on him.

The championship game marked the first time this season the Dekes were behind in score, as well as the largest deficit we had to overcome, potentially due to injuries at goalie(Brother Younker injured his heel at Relay for Life the day prior). With a score of 1-3 going into halftime, the team had to dig deep and Brother Neno gave an inspirational speech which brought forth the full energy of the team for the second half. The final score was 5-3, with a 4-0 second half.

Everyone had a great time throughout the season playing and supporting from the sidelines, and many brothers who did not play on the team came out to support, as well as many other greek organizations, such as Kappa Delta Phi NAS Kappa Upsilon chapter. We look forward to defending the title next spring and continuing to participate in intramural sports in general.


On April 13th, UMass Lowell and the Greek Council held the 2nd annual Greek Olympics since greek life was reinstated on campus. The event saw the six fraternities and three sororities battling for first place in a number of events. These included the Obstacle Course Relay Race, Joust, Dodgeball, Tug-O-War, Pie Eating, and the grand finale Chariot Race.

The day started out with the Obstacle Course Relay Race, which entailed three members. Brothers Younker, Guy, and Keough were selected to compete in this event. The first member had to spin around a bat for ten seconds and then sprint to the second member and tag him in. Once tagged, the second member had to scale an inflated obstacle course, and slide down the back to tag in the third member. The third member, wearing swimming flippers, then had to make a dash for the finish line. Although we did not place in this event, all those involved had a great time, especially while watching Brother Younker stumbling towards a bush disoriented and trying to tag in Brother Guy.

The  next event was dodgeball, which was a six member team event. Brothers Younker, Liston, Descafano, Day, Cavanaugh, and Keough made up our team. Due to an unfortunate start in the game, DK was eliminated in the first round but that did not stop us from helping keep the event in order by running down stray balls and keeping them out of the road.

The Joust was the next event, where a single brother was tasked with head to head combat atop an inflated pillar, trying to dismount their opponent using a pugil stick. Brother Day was chosen to represent the fraternity in this event, and came in third place. He fought valiantly, with his final match coming down to the wire in a best of five set.


In the Tug-O-War, Brothers Keough, Lahey, Tierney, McGeehan, Day, and Lotfi put up a strong fight against Sigma Phi Omicron, but ultimately were defeated while their opponent moved on to come in first place.


In the pie eating competition, we finally found our stride, with Brother Lotfi taking first place and Brother Younker putting in a strong effort.


To cap the event off in traditional fashion, each fraternity and sorority presented a chariot of their creation for a race and judging. Brothers Lahey, Day, and McGeehan ran the race, where two members had to pull the third who was riding the chariot, make a U-Turn, switch a pulling member with the riding member, and return to the starting line to compete for the best time. In typical fashion, DK won best chariot, but lost the race. The chariot judging was based on design, team spirit, and functionality. For winning best chariot, we were awarded a $100 gift card, which the active has since decided to use toward buying food items for the upcoming Relay For Life at UMass Lowell.


All in all, although we did not leave with the trophy, it was an amazing time and excellent bonding activity, and the brotherhood would like to extend a thank you to both UMass Lowell and the Greek Council for setting up and running the event.



Kappa Delta Phi Nationally Affiliated Sorority Kappa Upsilon Chapter recently held a community service at New England Pediatric Care in Billerica, MA on March 30th and kindly requested support from Delta Kappa Phi in conjunction. The event was held to aid the patients in decorating easter eggs to celebrate the holiday, as many of them would not be able to on their own. In addition to decorating eggs, the participants entertained the patients as well as each other with songs and other lighthearted merriment. The event was a great success, with  Brothers Neno, Keough, Aiken, Guy, and Descafano, in attendance. After the event, Brother Neno said that “I am a fan of the community service projects we accomplish as a fraternity. It is one way of giving back to show those who may otherwise see fraternities in a bad light what we are really about. It is an enriching and rewarding experience that I feel all should share in.”. The patients were more than thrilled to have the chance to celebrate and to see the support of a younger generation, and we hope to get another chance to return next year.



Several of the brothers of Delta Kappa Phi recently participated in another community project, this time assisting UTEC with some hands on muscle!

The United Teen Equality Center (UTEC), founded in 1999 and based in Lowell, was the result of an organizing movement driven by young people to develop their own teen center in response to gang violence.