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Hello there!

Delta Kappa Phi Blogger here to write about a little bit of community service that our brothers have done. The Wish Project has a warehouse on Foundry St in Lowell that frequently gets donations from generous people nearby. However, they are always looking for help, and on January 9th some brothers from DK went over and helped move donations for them.



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The Active Brotherhood at Delta Kappa Phi recently hosted yet another successful open house. Brothers brought their friends and families over to Big Red, and boy were our guests impressed! With recent renovations to 3rd left and the ramp leading up to DK, and our house being in tip top shape, no wonder everyone left with a smile on their face.

With great food, great company, and an entertaining football game to watch, this year’s open house was a treat, and this blogger cannot wait until next year.

Hello there!

Dekes Blogger here just letting you know what we’ve been up to in the community lately!

First up we have the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (U.N. GIFT). A number of our brothers generously donated several hours from April 13-17 raising Awareness, Education, and Empowerment in the fight against Human Trafficking. We’ve uploaded some pictures from the week-long event, held at University Crossing, University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Over the course of the week, we helped raise awareness to a number of statistics that were dumbfounding and shocking. At least 21 MILLION people are trafficked, as well as the shocking news that 68% of that trafficking is labor based. 6 MILLION children are forced into slavery due to human trafficking as well. I’m down-right appalled and shocked at all of this.

Over the course of the week, we also worked on getting a petition signed for Congress to pass a bill that helps protect the victims of trafficking instead of prosecuting and deporting them for illegal activities. I feel like we did a lot of good work over the course of the week,a nd hope we can stay involved in the fight against human trafficking in the future.

Following that up, we have the Relay for life. All teams raised over $32,000 for the American Cancer Society. Delta Kappa Phi had a strong showing at the Relay for life. We had over twenty brothers attend the event that cumulatively raised over $1,200. Brothers were actively participating in each of the activities that were available, and one team actually won the friendly dodgeball tournament that was held.

Salutations Brothers and others!


We have a healthy appetite for knowledge, and we’re sure you all do too! In case you were wondering or unaware, Delta Kappa Phi has new leadership!

First up, we have our new Consul, Patrick Muldoon B1598. A Criminal Justice Major and fitness enthusiast,
Pro-Consul Mark Andrews B1600, a Business Major and lover of Intramural Sports,
Custodian Robin Calderon B1606, a Finances Major and fitness enthusiast,
Annotator Noel Smith, B1608, a Criminal Justice Major and avid conversationalist,
Scribe Stan Dancewicz, B1607, an Accounting Major and music enthusiast, plays the cello,
Sergeant-At-Arms Maxwell Lane B1597, a Mathematics Major and lover of Harry Potter and Huskies


These fine young men were recently elected to their office, and have so far been tackling everything thrown at them with enthusiasm and excitement. While all fairly new brothers, we couldn’t ask for a stronger Policy Committee to lead the Brotherhood forward into the uncharted waters of tomorrow.

Until next post!

James Day B1583
John Allen B1612


One Year in the Making!!!

The newest DK website launched Sunday February 3rd, 2013. There is a section for students, parents and the public in general. We also feature a Dekes Blog, an Events Calendar and shortly a secure login to the private and secure intranet site for Brothers and Alumni only.  Please add comments here regarding how you like it, or not, suggestions, etc.. ???

Please comment or contact ?1138 the