For Parents

Delta Kappa Phi has a proud fraternal tradition dating back to 1899.  Our Beta Chapter has been the largest chapter  of this national fraternity for over 50 years.  We are proud our House has made the transition from Lowell Textile School to Lowell Technological Institute and through U Mass Lowell to its current status at UMass Lowell.  Our house, at 9 Mt. Hope Street, has been home since the late 1970s.

The UMass system has only recently recognized fraternities and sororities on the Lowell campus (Greeks were last recognized in the 1980s during the University of Lowell time-frame).  Upon doing so, our alumni have jumped at the chance to support the active Brotherhood.  They believe in supporting our recent graduates and giving back to the community.  You may have noticed Perry Hall on the campus, named after DK alum, Barry Perry.  Additionally, alumni started a Scholarship Fund in 2010 in cooperation with UMass Lowell and now have formed a charitable foundation intent on growing the scholarship opportunities for current Brothers.

Although we are not a large national fraternity, many of our alumni have gone on to become CEOs and founders of numerous companies.  Recent graduates are  ensured of guidance as they get their career off on the right foot.  Dekes from the 1960s to today are still actively involved in networking and providing career counsel for Brothers of all generations.

You should be proud your son is considering joining DK.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the benefits of this fraternal organization, please encourage your son to seek out the answers for you.  Membership in Delta Kappa Phi is a lifelong commitment.  Both sides need to make the right decisions.

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