For Students

from-greek-council-204x124Actually, for students having an interest in joining Delta Kappa Phi…

First, we call students that want to join “Rushes“. Well use that term from hereon out.

So you’re here because you’ve either heard of DK or been to our House. If you check out the site, you’ll learn about our history. If you watch our Events Calendar you can see open events that you can attend and meet the brothers. Lastly, see a brother while out on campus with the Dekes letters? Stop him and ask him about the house.

If you’re thinking about rushing, you should know we take the Brotherhood thing seriously. We exist because guys, maybe like you, thought enough of what we have to invest in rushing. That’s right-invest. Rushing isn’t just about coming to parties; although we hope you do. It’s about getting to know us and deciding if you want to commit to what we are about.

As you do that we also get to know you, and if we think you have what it takes, we’ll ask you to join us. We are selective, but that’s what it takes to be the best House on campus.

Want to know more? Use the contact link or better yet find a Brother.



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